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Hartberg, Austria

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The local city authority of Hartberg in Austria decided to be 100% CO2 neutral by 2020. This target includes all buildings, industry as well as private residents. This decision is based on a CO2 neutral concept, elaborated by Joanneum Research, a well-recognized research organization. The motivation was to show that a non-carbon society not only is necessary to mitigate climate change, but can also be extremely beneficial in terms of local added value.

For all buildings of the city administration, including schools, leisure facilities and also mobility, this aim has already been achieved. For the past 20 years, several measures have been implemented and by 2015 many targets have been achieved including supplying heat to all buildings through a district heating system run on woodchips, purchasing only renewable electricity from hydro-, wind- and solar power stations,  installing as much solar-thermal energy as possible and covering all available roof-surfaces with photovoltaic-cells.

The remaining carbon sources are commercial vehicles and cars of our council owned building yard. Given that the entire photovoltaic electricity production per anno is about 500 000 kWh, the building-yard fossil based carbon emission is substituted by the photovoltaic energy.

The involvement of different organizations, experts and people was extensive and included private individuals, universities, energy experts, car-sharing providers, e-car pioneers, biogas pioneers, etc. However the most important partners in such a project were the local politicians, the local authorities, the district heating supplier and an innovative utility company.

General Details

Timeline: 100% Renewable Electricity Target has already been achieved
Contact: Anton Schuller, Manager of the Climate and Energy Model Region of Hartberg, Department of Energy and the Environment, Municipality of Hartberg
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Status Quo

Total energy consumption:
Electricity: 3GWh; Heating: 7GWh
Percentage of RE in the total energy consumption:
Electricity: 120% Heating: 98% Mobility: 3%
Value of all economic activities (GDP or equivalent ):
23 Million Euro

Project Features

Scope of engagement
yes Local/regional
Quality of the objectives
yes Terminated
Binding effect of the objectives
No information