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We can build a future that is most beneficial not only to us but also to future generations by moving as quickly as possible toward providing 100% of our energy from renewable resources. It is one of the biggest changes that human kind has faced and therefore requires numerous stakeholders to lead and work toward the effort. With YOUR commitment, YOUR creativity, YOUR will and YOUR support – WE CAN ALL WIN!   Ways to enable the transition to 100% Renewable Energy:

  • Donate: Running and expanding this project effectively requires funds. Your contribution will help us communicating 100% RE as the new normal to policymakers and the public as well as connecting and strengthening the pioneers and courageous. Click here to donate.
  • Join the movement: Follow Global 100% RE on Facebook and/or Twitter to be a part of the global movement striving for 100% renewable energy! With your click, we have the power of people, numbers and voices.
  • Become a supporting organization: The overall goal of Global 100% RE is to build a global alliance for 100% renewable energy. Therefore the campaign seeks to attract governmental, non-governmental, profit and non-profit organizations from all parts of the world to support this unique initiative. Click here to find out more.
  • Spread the word: The overall goal of Global 100% RE is to brand 100% renewable energy as the new normal and educate policy makers as well as the public that 100% RE is reality already. Download the logo and spread it also in your networks and constituencies.


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