The Local Dimension of NDCs: 100% Renewable Energy

Global 100% RE and the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) hosted the international Forum on “The Local Dimension of the NDCs: 100% Renewable Energy”. This day-long forum took place in Bonn on November 9, 2017 as part of the Climate Summit Dialogues for Local and Regional Leaders at COP23.

Take a look at the agenda and the speaker profiles!

The presentations of the event can be downloaded:

Harry Lehmann_Umwelt Bundes Amt_Germany

Hans-Josef Fell_Energy Watch Group_Germany

Andrea Reimer_Vancouver_Canada

Anna Tenje_Växjö_Sweden

Bertram Fleck_Rhein-Hunsrück-Kreis_Germany

Juan Bautista_Buenos Aires_Argentina

Martha Klein_Netherlands

Sandy Pitcher_South Australia

Soledad Aguilar_Ministry of Energy_Argentina

William Calvo_Costa Rica


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This forum was designed to breakdown silos and facilitate a dialogue on concerted action between sub-national and national governments, with a particular focus on moving towards 100% renewable energy.

The goal was to escalate the local 100% RE movement that can be particularly observed in industrialised countries to the national level as well as support CVF countries to implement the Marrakesh Vision.

Speakers were representatives from both local and national governments, city networks and international organizations, as well as internationally acclaimed renewable energy experts. In the afternoon, participants exchanged and engaged directly with each other in three parallel, facilitated break-out sessions.



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