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RE-Energizing cities: Global 100% RE & ICLEI join forces

The Global 100% RE initiative and ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) have signed an agreement to jointly facilitate and foster the progress towards 100% Renewable Energy among local governments around the globe. The aim is to start exploring more ambitious renewable energy (RE) targets, moving towards 100% RE where possible . The partnership is aimed …

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Stories, examples and pioneers for 100% Renewable Energy

Many people who consider themselves supporters of renewables still doubt the feasibility of 100 percent in the near future. What these people often overlook is that 100 percent Renewable Energy (RE) is already reality today. Here are some facts that might inspire some re-thinking about our energy future…. Did you know that 100% Renewable …

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Catalyzing Action

United Nations Climate Summit – New York – 23d of September 2014  Joint statement of Non-State actors’ representatives Global 100% Renewable Energy supports the the first joint statement on climate negotiations that is endorsed by such a diversity of non-State actors. It is signed by organisations from different Major Groups, incl. Youth, Trade Unions, Farmers, NGOs, …

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Predictions become reality

Or: How the dramas described in “The Energy of Nations” are playing out. by Jeremy Leggett I finished writing the book during the Easter break a year ago. In it, I made predictions about three systemic risks being run by the energy incumbency: 1)      the risk of a shale “surprise” (wherein an incumbency narrative-of-plenty …

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