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Sydney, as the capital city of the Australian state of New South Wales, is regarded the most populous city in Australia with approximately 4.9 million inhabitants (2015). As one of the leading cities, according to renewable energies in Australia, Sydney has published a ‘renewable energy master plan‘ in 2013, which outlines how 100% of the city’s electricity, heating and cooling can come from renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and energy from waste, by 2030.

Based on worldwide renewable energy best practice, the master plan focuses on the mix of renewable energy resources and most effective technologies. According to the plan, about 30% of the total carbon and nuclear free mix would come from wind and solar, and 70% would be generated from waste to gas from sources such as garbage, sewage plants, landfill sites, livestock, agriculture, and forestry.

In June 2016, the Mayor of Sydney raised the ambition again; Clover Moore announced that the city will replicate a scheme from Melbourne to enforce the development of renewable energy projects outside the city boundaries by compiling the council, businesses and residents into groups which sponsor projects. Further she updated the target, so that 50% instead of 30% of Sydney’s energy consumption will come from renewable energies by 2030.

Furthermore, a target to achieve ‘net zero’ emissions by 2050 – meaning all greenhouse emissions within the city would be off-set by other programs – was added to the master plan. To accomplish that, Sydney will encourage the installation of solar panels and stretch to sponsoring projects outside the inner city.

Within the last ten years, Sydney’s economic activities have increased by 27%. However, the volume of carbon emissions has reduced by 19% in the past decade. It shows correspondingly decoupling economic growing from the reduction of carbon emissions is feasible.

Read more about Sydney`s energy policy here. Or listen to Allen Jones, former Chief Development Officer on Energy and Climate Change for the City of Sydney, Australia to learn more about “Sustainable Sydney 2030 program” and their “Green Infrastructure Plan”.

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 Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

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