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Salt Lake City, Utah   

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In July 2016 the officials of Salt Lake City (SLC), capital city of the US state of Utah, announced a 100% target on renewable energy. According to a Joint Resolution, published by the Mayor Biskupski and furthermore adopted by the City Council, 100% of the community’s electricity supply will come from renewables by the year 2032 and 80% of the community’s Greenhouse gas emissions – compared to the year 2009 – are supposed to cut off by 2040.

The city will provide a website called ‘Climate Positive SLC’ which will show the progress, the goals and possibilities of how to enforce and achieve the conversion to 100% renewables. The decision makers have put up a guideline with four main pathways where and how to intervene:

  • Clean Electricity Supply: This study is dealing with revealing pathways towards 100% renewable energy and shall offer results by the end of 2016.
  • Reduce Energy Waste: Conservation and efficiency in energy consumption shall help to reduce the impact of SLC’s carbon footprint. Therefore, SLC partners with property owners and managers to explore new opportunities to save more energy.
  • Active Transportation and Clean Vehicles:SCL has already launched a couple of offers to reduce prices for transit passes for its residents. Further, it is planned to extend an existing still small scaled public bicycle system by adding new charging stations by the end of 2016.
  • Community Partnership:The Utah Climate Action Network shall help to lead a process of sharing and accelerating the commitment of becoming a 100% renewable energy based city as well as the adoption of climate solutions.

SLC is located in an area in the USA, in which the impacts of the climate change are already noticeable. According to the data, the rise of the average temperature in Utah was twice the global one within the last decades. Further, the number of weather extremes increased and the number of inches of snowfall in the mountains perceptibly decreased.


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Thursday, August 25th, 2016


image by flickr, Garrett

General Details

Timeline: 100% Renewable Energy for Community Electricity Supply by 2032

Project Features

Scope of engagement
yes Local/regional
Quality of the objectives
yes Intermediate objectives
Binding effect of the objectives
yes 100% REresolution made unanimously by county council/ government