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The community of Morbach has set ambitious targets for 2020. It wants to be energy self-sufficient (virtual) based on renewable energy and cut its CO2 emissions in half in comparison to the year 2000.

To pave the way for this goal quite a lot research has been conducted on that topic. For the last 10 years the electricity and heat demand of all communal buildings has been monitored to identify potentials for energy saving measures. Besides that, a Material and Energy Flow Analysis for the community has been carried out and an Action Plan for the coming years is in progress.

Recently, 14 wind power plants (28 MW), 7 MWp photovoltaic, 2 biogas plants and micro district heating systems with wood-pellets provide the municipality with 20% renewables. For the extension of renewables Morbach makes use of a municipal funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy. For that purpose new wind power plants, new photovoltaic installations and another micro district heating system are at the planning stage.


Thursday, April 24th, 2014

General Details

Timeline: 2020
Contact: Michael Grehl
More information: Click

Status Quo

Total energy consumption:
215 GWh/a electricity, 122 GWh/a heat, 44 GWh/a transport
Percentage of RE in the total energy consumption:

Project Features

Scope of engagement
yes Local/regional
Quality of the objectives
yes Terminated
Binding effect of the objectives
yes 100% REresolution made unanimously by county council/ government
Energy savings objective
yes Energy Efficiency Target