Statement: Remembering Chernobyl – An alternative blossoms

by mapmanager
April 26, 2018
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Statement by Rian van Staden, Platform Coordinator, Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform, on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster.

Remembering the stark realities of the Chernobyl disaster, and the great cost of dealing with it, forces us to examine the legacy of the nuclear age. It is an examination that leaves us with little doubt that the cost, the liability and the ever-decreasing viability of nuclear power beg for an alternative that is cost-effective, safe, future-oriented and universal.

Renewable energy has become that alternative. Most see it as a part of the solution, many see it as most of the solution, and an increasingly numerous, forward-thinking and concerned community see it as all of the solution – in a sense, the solution.

The Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform was born from the hearts and minds of the global renewable energy community to communicate that very idea, and to underpin it with the strategies, technologies, practices and pathways to make it a rapid and pervasive reality.

Indeed, we not only see an ever-increasing number of examples of countries, cities, regions, institutions and companies that have made that vision a reality today by either achieving, or setting themselves on the path to achieving, that reality. We see an ever-increasing number of countries, cities, regions, institutions and companies that have taken up the challenge to commit themselves to mapping a realistic path to achieving this holy grail of sustainable energy use. They do so with the support of this Platform and others who provide them with the certainty that it can be achieved, with the experience of those that have achieved it, and with the knowledge and expertise to help them create realistic and achievable pathways to that goal.

Those pathways do not include nuclear energy. They are more often based on the premise of removing nuclear energy from the equation and thus avoiding and preventing a repeat of the tragedy at Chernobyl and other nuclear incidents like Fukushima Daiichi so fresh in our societal memories.

The climate imperative – that which drives us to reduce mankind’s emissions footprint in a desperate attempt to save our world – does not need new nuclear energy to succeed. Renewable energy – distributed, safe and without the dangerous geopolitical and environmental fuel-related baggage nuclear energy brings with it – can and will provide the true solution. A 100% renewable energy mindset makes that solution inevitable.

There is an alternative to repeating the mistakes of the past in addressing the energy challenges of the future. It is 100% renewable energy. Today, and for tomorrow.

Bonn, Germany
26th of April, 2018


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