Global Progress Panel (GPP)

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by anna
December 5, 2014
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The Global Progress Panel (GPP) is an activity of the campaign with two main functions: (1) to research and report on progress being made by communities around the world towards 100% renewable energy; and (2) to facilitate that progress by providing information and advise to communities.

One of the anticipated products of the Panel will be a biennial report, “Global Progress Towards 100% Renewable Energy Communities and Cities.” The report will capture case studies, trends, and the evolution of policy, social, business, and finance innovations. The report is not intended to provide recommended practice, but rather to outline the scope and characteristics of global progress.

The Panel is chaired by Dr. Eric Martinot, Senior Fellow, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies, and will be guided by a distinguished scientific advisory board.

Membership in the panel is open to all interested individuals meeting a few basic criteria. The one requirement is that members contribute something of substance to the work of the panel at least once per year, in areas such as:

  1. Collecting case study and progress information for specific communities
  2. Developing indicators, metrics, and/or benchmarks for measuring progress
  3. Elaborating on various definitions of “100% renewables”
  4. Advising communities on planning, practice, business or policy
  5. Networking contacts and information across communities

Initially, panel members will not be listed on the campaign’s web sites, but rather will be acknowledged by name and optional affiliation in reports or other products of the panel. Later, panel members in some categories may also be considered as “experts” on the campaign roster. GPP members may also serve as co-authors in future GPP reports.

Starting in June 2015, we are seeking GPP members in Category (1), Collecting Case Study and Progress Information for Specific Cities and Communities. See the Case Study Information Guidelines document for the types of information we are seeking. But any information that helps report on “progress towards 100% renewable energy is desirable. You are welcome to interact with us about specific types of information or ideas you have.

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