Germany: Rhineland-Palatinate aims at 100% renewable electricity by 2030

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by anna
February 18, 2014
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With a goal to supply 100% of its electricity demand from renewables by 2030, the German federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate is at the forefront of the expansion of renewable energies (RE) both in Germany and in Europe. This ambitious energy target poses new demands both on the corresponding expansion and restructuring of the distribution systems and on the use of innovative and intelligent technologies.

A related question is to what extent local RE and load fluctuations can be balanced by utilising demand side management and storage. In a study, commissioned by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Climate Protection, Energy and Regional Planning of the German State Rhineland-Palatinate, the impact of the 100% renewable energy strategy on the power system was studied by Energynautics, the Oeko-Institut e.V. and the law firm Bird & Bird LLP.

In this study specific technology options for integrating renewables into distribution systems were evaluated by means of simulation models. In addition, an important part of this study was to identify the legal frame work and the obstacles for grid integration as well as to develop approaches to improve the legal framework. The future role and authority of distribution system operators is discussed as well.

The distribution system study arrives at  recommendations for action including the following topics:

  • Minimising network expansion costs
  • Network expansion and flexibility
  • Prioritising flexibility options
  • Legal framework considerations

Source and download of the study in German and English: Energynautics

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