First village self-sufficient in energy in Czech Republic

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by anna
February 4, 2014
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Knežice (80 km from Prague) is the only village in the Czech Republic, which is de facto energy self-sufficient thanks to a bioenergy centre, which consists of a biogas plant with CHP (330 kWel and 400 kWth) and a biomass heating plant (boilers 800+400 kW). The technology supplies the population with more than 90% heat and produces significantly more electricity than the village consumes, so that electricity can be sold.

Additionally, the use of biogas units solves the problem in Knežice of organic waste processing. The centre operated by the municipality produces pellets for heating houses in the neighbouring area.

The village has also won the Czech solar award from EUROSOLAR and is beginning to promote its successes in a new information centre in a former mill. It also leads a micro-region of five municipalities that have recently signed the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) and are preparing a joint SEAP. The major driving force of events, mayor Milan Kazda, plans to a form a national RURENER club.

For more information on Knežice, click here.

Source of this article: “100ee-regions in Germany, Europe and the World”

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