European Parliamentarians support 100% RE

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by anna
March 28, 2014

At the Inter-Parliamentary Hearing on Building Political Will for 100% Renewable Energy”, convened by the World Future Council, Climate Service Center and EUFORES, European parliamentarians and policy makers from 15 member states,

Acknowledging that our generation has the responsibility to phase out fossil resources in energy production to preserve planetary habitability for today`s and future generations. Our dependence upon fossil resources has built a system that lacks diversity and security, threatens the health of our citizens, jeopardises the stability of Earth’s climate, and robs future generations of clean air, clean water, and energy independence;

Recognising that making the transition to 100% renewable energy is a political decision and an economic and ethical imperative, as technical solutions already exist. As today`s investments create the energy system of the future, we urgently need to divest from fossil fuels now; and

Further recognising that a decentralised and people-centered approach has proven to be the fastest and most sustainable transition to 100% renewable energy,

  1. Urge the European Union to return to its leadership role – morally, politically, and economically – in tackling climate change by deciding on strong policy priorities;
  2. Demand strong and robust European-wide targets to provide policy certainty, investment security and leadership for member states as well as regional and local governments;
  3. Commit to developing policy frameworks that enable and empower local communities to become 100% renewable energy regions and communities;
  4. Further commit to developing policies that provide people and industry with options to choose between a 100% renewable energy future and a fossil fuel dependent future and facilitating policy development towards a level playing field for renewable energy technology; and
  5. Call all stakeholders to join the collaboration, alliance building, knowledge mobilisation and international policy dialogue on 100% renewable energy.

Click here if you want to download the Action Plan, learn more about the event, see some photos and speaker`s presentation.

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