Learn more about renewable energy

This electronic library stores information about 100% Renewable Energy in electronic media formats. Explore the following sections and learn more about pioneers, academic research, policy analyses, inspiring stories and exciting presentations.

This list does not claim to be exhaustive. If there is an item missing in any of the section, please contact us.

  • Studies and Reports gives you an overview of existing research, visions, scenarios and master plans from all parts of the world.
  • Films provides you with inspiring material that helps visualizing the 100% RE future – the future that is already reality in many parts of the world.
  • Factsheets provide you with some facts and figures to debunk myths.
  • Books is a collection of publications from experts, academics, policy-makers and visionaries. Many of the authors can be also found in the expert roster in case you want to know more about it.
  • Websites and Links gives you hints on where to learn more about 100% RE. As Global 100% RE builds on initiatives that already take place on national, regional and local level, this is the chance to learn more about them.
  • Webinars include a selection of online presentations and courses on 100% RE.
  • Events

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