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Catalyzing Action

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United Nations Climate Summit – New York – 23 of September 2014  Joint statement of Non-State actors’ representatives Global 100% Renewable Energy supports the the first joint statement on climate negotiations that is endorsed by such a diversity of non-State actors. It is signed by organisations from different Major Groups, incl. Youth, Trade Unions, Farmers, NGOs, …

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Renewable Energy in Ukraine


Report from Kiev Hans Josef Fell, Ambassador for Global 100% RE September 1st, 2014 In Ukraine, the dominant topic is the Russian military invasion in the East. Even though the fear is growing, Kiev is peaceful and there was only a small demonstration taking place on Maidan Square on the evening of the Russian …

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Electrifying African villages with Renewable Energy


The lack of electricity is hindering development for billions of people, especially in countries of the Global South. Several studies and reports show that this can be reversed if countries turn to decentralised renewable energy. It can reach communities much faster than expanding existing, inefficient central grid systems. New business models emerge and it …

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Educational Program on 100% RE

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York University and ITC sign new educational collaborative agreement June 23 2014 Las Palmas, Gran Canaria   York University and the Instituto Tecnologico de las Canarias (ITC) have signed a formal agreement that will enable students and professors to visit Spain and Canada to advance training and research collaboration on renewable energy. The agreement …

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