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Stories, examples and pioneers for 100% Renewable Energy

100 RE_final

Many people who consider themselves supporters of renewables still doubt the feasibility of 100 percent in the near future. What these people often overlook is that 100 percent Renewable Energy (RE) is already reality today. Here are some facts that might inspire some re-thinking about our energy future…. Did you know that 100% Renewable …

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Electrifying African villages with Renewable Energy


The lack of electricity is hindering development for billions of people, especially in countries of the Global South. Several studies and reports show that this can be reversed if countries turn to decentralised renewable energy. It can reach communities much faster than expanding existing, inefficient central grid systems. New business models emerge and it …

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Africa’s First 100% Renewable Energy Powered Bank Branch

Source: Green Africa Directory

Nedbank Group recently unveiled Africa’s first ever banking branch that fully offsets its energy usage through renewable energy sources. The Lansdowne Corner branch situated in Cape Town, South Africa, uses an innovative hybrid power installation, effectively making it a 100% off-the-grid outlet. The grid-tied renewable energy system harnesses solar and wind energy and converts this …

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Palawan aims for a 100% renewable energy future

Pia Ranada/Rappler

Palawan needs energy, and it needs it now, said Palawan Provincial Advisor for Energy Caesar Ventura to around a hundred Palaweños gathered in Mendoza Park, in the provincial capital Puerto Princesa on Tuesday, October 22 2013. It was the eve before the start of consultations for the province’s master energy plan. The goal is …

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