Bioenergy and Sustainability


Bioenergy is a versatile renewable energy source with substantial growth potential. It can be supplied in solid, liquid or gaseous forms and produces electricity, heat and transportation fuels. It plays a significant role in climate change mitigation, energy security and in generating jobs. Bioenergy is the largest renewable energy source and will continue to dominate the energy mix. …

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Stop complaining – EKOenergy is fun!


From the age of complaints… It isn’t that long ago that a few trailblazers began the movement toward a renewable economy; scientists and engineers developing the technology, investors risking their money on an expensive and unknown technology, a few politicians pushing through the first subsidy schemes and environmental NGOs campaigning for more… These pioneers were …

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Oxford County affirms commitment to 100% renewable energy with new leadership role

Jay Heaman Woodstock

Oxford County, Ontario, Canada, is taking another step to advance its commitments to 100% renewable energy by 2050 and becoming a zero waste community with the appointment of a new leadership role. Manager of Strategic Initiatives Jay Heaman began his new role at the municipal government on February 5, 2016. Previously, Jay served as …

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Renewables: the smart way out of crisis for Southern Europe

Paradise photo macro fin-01

Even though autumn is in full, colourful swing and we’re slowly getting ready for winter in Europe, Greenpeace is turning up the heat and not letting go of summer just yet. I still have a picture in my mind  of hundreds of volunteers, tourists and local residents heading to the most popular beaches of …

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