Launch of The Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform


Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform launched! Bonn, 8 May 2017  Today, representatives from major organizations from all over the world have gathered in Bonn to launch The Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform. During the launch event, some of the world’s most renowned experts on renewable energy presented solutions and strategies for achieving Global 100% Renewable Energy, in …

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World Renewable Energy Day


On the occasion of the World Renewable Energy Day:  Programme for Global 100% Renewable Energy Platform Launch Event published  Bonn, 26 April 2017 – Today’s World Renewable Energy Day draws our attention to a nuclear-free and carbon-free, renewables-based future. 26 April marks the 31st anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster which has changed the way …

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Experts see 100% RE feasible and realistic

Figure 4 Is the transition to 100_ renewables on a global level feasible and realistic

114 renewable energy experts from around the world share their views on achieving 100% renewable energy by 2050. As sustainable energy experts from around the world gathered at the Sustainable Energy for All Forum in New York this week, the REN21 multi-stakeholder network released its latest report on the feasibility and challenges of achieving …

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48 most vulnerable countries lead the 100% Renewables movement


The energy revolution is happening. The Global 100% RE Campaign congratulates the 48 most vulnerable countries who today adopted the strongest declaration for Climate Action today. The Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) – a coalition of 47 countries from Asia, Africa, Caribbean, the Pacific and South America – declared in Marrakesh that they “strive to …

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