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Thisted, Denmark


Thisted, located in the north-west of the Danish Jutland and home to 43,993 (2016) residents, is a prime example for the grassroots development of renewable energy within a municipality. In fact, the successful transition towards 100% self-sufficiency in electricity supply from renewable sources was not the result of a political decision, but instead has …

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Samsø, Denmark


Denmark is a worldwide leader when it comes to renewable energy development and has an impressive commitment to use RE in the long-term. A Danish small island in the east coast called Samsø is a good example of the country´s path towards green energy production. Samsø is the world´s first island powered by 100% …

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Denmark: 99% Wind on 25th Jan


Denmark is not only the birthplace of the modern wind industry and the original FIT policy concept, but also the pioneer of a bold national target to achieve 100% RE by 2050 in the power, heating, and transportation sectors. And they are well on their way. The screenshot shows that the country is well …

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Denmark WFC rights

Denmark, with a population of 5,6 Mio. people, has a long history of leadership on energy and climate change, initially as a pioneer in wind power technologies and then as a major proponent of concerted action on climate change at both the European level and on the international stage. This leadership is now reflected …

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